I’m new to blogging and I hope WFH becomes a place that you visit to learn more about healthy living and find useful tips on how to make simple changes towards a  Whole Foods Lifestyle.  It’s my passion!

I have been on a whole foods journey for more than 10 years.  I started by looking for ways to incorporate better food and more fitness into my life with the goal of improving my health.  You know the story… “OK , so what book, article, seminar or class will give me the answer to the age old question of  “How do I FINALLY get  it together and get healthy?” I quickly realized that I wouldn’t  do anything that felt too complicated.  Heck, I didn’t have any extra time and I already had enough on my [proverbial] plate, so to speak … lol!

I tried a lot of things that didn’t work for me, but I was still determined to find a way to get healthier.  I finally figured out that I could  take small, practical steps to reach my goal.  Steps that had to be EASY or as I like to say ” EZ with a capital Z!”  I  started to exercise a few minutes [most] days and increased the amount of whole foods in my diet.

Eventually, I adopted a completely plant based diet (March 2013) and have been Vegan for two years.  That lead me to learn even more about healthy living and I found out that it really did include great tasting food…whadaya know!  I think we can all agree that moving away from more processed food is a good idea for everyone, even if your not quite on board with the idea of becoming vegan!

My life has changed forever!  And when people noticed the improvements in my health, habits and fitness; they asked me how I did it…  so I started WFH to help everyone (who wants to) reach their own goals and get ..Whole Foods Happy!


The Black Bean Queen…



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