July’s “Kaizen Goal”

This is the first WFH Kaizen challenge!

The whole idea is to challenge ourselves to master one healthy habit each month. The goal(s) are EZ and “do-able”; one small change that most of us can start TODAY!  Yes…one small change that can yield huge results…and hopefully a lifelong habit!

Here is…July’s “Kaizen Goal”:

                        Eat at least one serving of fresh fruit every day…      

So…are you in the habit of eating one serving of fresh fruit every day? How about every other day? If your answer is “not really”, then you’re are missing out on the many health benefits that you get from eating fruit. Most of us are not meeting even the basic daily recommendations!

Just about everyone knows that fruit is really good for you… and it is EZ’er [than you may think it is] to include it in your diet. You can eat it whole as a snack, make a “no recipe required” fruit salad or add fresh fruit (or berries) to your morning smoothie. If you just include a serving of fruit to one of your meals each day… your done! It’s that simple.

There is no better time than summer to pick up your favorite in-season fruit or discover some new favorites. So shake it up a little and have some fun; visit a farmers market or stop off at a fruit stand and try something new! Remember to buy just enough to last a few days…

Don’t forget to tell us all about your “fruit adventures” …:) ! You know I want to hear from you, so it would be great if you would take a few minutes and leave a comment or send an email. We’ll check in at the end of July to see how everyone is doing.

So…was this a good idea? Do you think you will be successful? Do you have other ideas for future challenges? Let me know… and in the mean time…let’s make this month’s “Good Change” together!

Talk to you soon…


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