Start Making Positive Changes Today… with “Kaizen”

Hey Everyone!  Remember when we blogged about  knowing your goals ?  OK… so now let’s talk about using Kaizen principles to help us start to make some real lifestyle changes…today!

First of all, I hear you asking…What in the world is Kaizen?  Kaizen is a Japanese word that literally means Good Change or Continuous Improvement. It’s that simple!  It’s a proven way, (borrowed from the business world), to help folks focus on identifying one small positive change they can make toward their goals. Yes… you’ve got it: One Habit, One Change and One Step at a time!

Here is the challenge… can you think of one healthy habit that we all can try to master in a month…Kaizen style… 🙂 ? Just one small change that you know (most) of us can start today!   I bet you can think of a few things that are EZ, healthy and “do-able.” Pick one that is simple yet powerful… like drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day (for example.) It would be great to use one of your suggestions and post it as a “Kaizen Goal” for the next month. Once we have a goal, we can share ideas on how to get started, blog about how to get through some challenges and start making “Good Changes” together!

I’m hoping you will take a few minutes to post an idea in the comment box so that we can pick a “Kaizen Goal” that can start  on July 1st.  Of course I have some ideas already; but in the spirit of “blogging together” I thought I would ask your input first….:).   So let me know what you think? Are you up for this?  Think of it, at the end of one year we will have all made 12 (or almost 12) positive changes toward our goal(s) while we continue to blog on other great topics along the way!

You know I want to hear from you on this! So, don’t forget to leave a comment or email me to let me know what you think about a “Kaizen Goal”  for next month.  Thanks for your input…


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