Fruit Sorbet- Make a Delicious Frozen Treat!

Fruit sorbet is a lowfat, healthy and delicious frozen treat that is quick and EZ to make! Whether it’s a snack, a dessert or course number (3) at a fancy dinner to… “cleanse the palate”; don’t we all deserve a great tasting treat as part of our healthy lifestyle? Let’s say it together …YES!!!  So check out this BBQ (non-recipe)…recipe 🙂 :

How to Make an EZ Fruit Sorbet

All you need is a high speed blender (or a food processor), some frozen fruit, a frozen banana, coconut water and ice [as needed]… That’s it!

First add about a cup of coconut water into your blender, one frozen banana than add 1.5 to 2 cups of frozen fruit. Start the blender using the pulse function until the ingredients start to combine (add in ice as needed) then blend until it is thoroughly mixed.  Done!

You can have (soft serve) right away and/or put some in the freezer in 8oz mason jars, for later.  I love having frozen treats  (already made and in the freezer) on a hot day!  I also like to put one in my lunch bag and take it to work.  Sometimes I have it as my morning snack and if melts before I can get to it, no worries; I just have it with my lunch as a great ice cold fruit smoothie!

blueberry sorbetfruit sorbet and applerasberry sorbet

So hey.. I am still working on my photography skills… but check out some snacks I took to work, a soft serve raspberry sorbet with a few almonds on top and a frozen blueberry treat!  And check out this video from Dani Spies to see how easy it is to make ; she uses a slightly different recipe with more bananas and a milk (instead of coconut water) to make it more  like ice cream.   BTW, once you get a basic recipe down you can easily change the recipe to suit your taste and make endless variations…You’ll be treating yourself to your favorite flavors all of the time!

This makes knowing how to make sorbet a perfect “Kaizen Goal”.  And so…  The WFH August “Kaizen Goal” is:  Learn how to Make a Fruit Sorbet.

You know I want to hear from you! So leave a comment or send an email let me know how it goes… and what flavor you made! And, if you liked this post don’t forget to Subscribe, Follow and Share…

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