Getting Back on Track with your Fitness Plan!

So you made a decision, you carved out some time and finally made a well thought out fitness plan! This is the routine that you know will get you to the next level and your feeling really good about YOU right now!

You’re on your way… and suddenly something “comes up” and your plans come to screeching HALT! Before you know it, things are no longer going according to plan!  And there is no shortage of things that can get in your way; it can be work, family, illness or the  “out of control to-do-list”!  Sometimes the break can be for a really good reason, like a vacation. In any case the outcome is the same; you’ve been thrown off of your fitness plan!

Just know that you’re not alone! Like you, I have had this happen to me [more often than I would like to think about]!  Just when I am (happily) in the ” fitness zone”, something (aka LIFE) happens and I have to miss a few workouts.  I miss a few more…and then a few more…you get the picture 🙁 !  (Maybe next time I will have to distribute copies of my [excellent] fitness plan more widely… so everyone can get on board with the program 🙂 ? )

When this happens, I try to remind myself of a few things that can help me get back on track.  Maybe some of these tips will help get you get back on track …too.

Tips to help you get back to your fitness plan:

            – Don’t “over think” the reason for the setback; just let it go and move forward

            – Remember to start slowly and then gradually build up to your regular routine

            – Be positive; it won’t take as long as you think it will to get back into your “groove”

            – Schedule your workout time(s) and put it on your weekly calendar

            – Phone a fitness “buddy” for support; and maybe a workout date? 

            – Resolve to get back to your routine ASAP… not later… ASAP!

            – Start thinking about how great you felt when you kept your fitness routine and

            – Don’t even think about giving up!

So what’s happening with you? Are you in the “groove” or trying to get it together after a setback? More importantly do you have some of your own tips for getting back on track? Let us know what has worked for you. You know I want to hear from you! So… don’t forget to leave a comment.

Talk to you soon…


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