Are you feeling any “Salad Love” today?

I must admit that my love for salad is so… well… dysfunctional!

Like any truly dysfunctional love affair, it goes a little something like this … I love you…I hate you …I love you… I HATE you!! And after a brief separation; Now I’m really sure, I Do Love You… BTW where is my fork?

So, before you talk about me too badly, I will ask you… how is your love affair with salad going these days? I’m thinking that this is one affair we should all have. That’s because eating salad is one of the best ways to reach the recommended goal of eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

What can stop me from eating salad as often as I should? Here’s my list: 1) I am not always up for all of the chopping at the end of my day, 2) I have always have trouble finding [and liking] a “good for you” salad dressing, 3) sometimes a plain salad does not satisfy my hunger and 4) I am not sold on the high cost or the freshness of pre-made, store bought salads. I know you have many more (equally valid) reasons for skipping salad that you will tell me about in the comments.

But in the mean time, here are some ways I try to keep my “love” for salad fresh… ( I couldn’t resist that one 🙂 : 1) I chop and store all of my veggies separately on Sunday (it only takes about 20 minutes) so that I can easily assemble salads during the week, 2) I make my own EZ salad dressing so I don’t have use the high calorie stuff, 3) I use brightly colored fruits and veggies like orange peppers, red tomatoes, romaine lettuce and black beans (of course) to make it more satisfying and nutritious and 5) I have discovered  MJM (Mason Jar Magic) for salads. Take a look at this video from Michelle at Vegan Cooking with Love on how to make Chopped Salad in a Jar with Agave Mustard Dressing. Just know that there are many more jar recipes online that you can make to suit your taste buds.

So here’s to feeling a little “Salad Love” more often this summer! You know that I want to hear about your love story… the good, the bad and the ugly! Take a minute and leave a comment or send an email and let us all know about your tips, tricks and salad adventures…


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