Overnight Oats… More Mason Jar Magic!

OK…so this one is about as EZ as it gets!  You can make it a once or twice a week (right after dinner) and take your breakfast with you for the next couple of days! You can add in different fruits and nuts to each one so that you don’t  get bored with it…yay!  I mentioned overnight oats in the “Eat More Whole Foods using Mason Jars”  post and thought I would share my nonrecipe with you.If you Google it..  you’ll find there are lots of articles and real recipes that show you how to make oatmeal in ways you may have never dreamed of….  However, in the spirit of EZ, I am sending you the info that that some of my friends asked for so that they could find out what my excitement was really all about…lol!

I keep oatmeal around for a whole foods snack in a pinch…I use organic oats that I buy in bulk and organic maple syrup for a sweetener and [sometimes] I even add a “smidge” of  coconut oil  (since it really doesn’t need any added oil.)  I like to use Almond/Coconut Milkdried wild blueberries  and raw almond slivers.  It’s quick, easy and even my non-vegan friends like it…

If you’re already a pro at making overnight oatmeal… let us know how you make yours, leave a comment or send an email!  There are a thousand interesting ways to make it… all quick and EZ!   Tell us how you make it and what you like in yours…!

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Here is my EZ non-recipe…recipe:

How to Make No-Cook Overnight Oats Without a Recipe          

The only ratio you need to remember is 1:1. You’ll soak 1 part rolled oats with 1 part liquid overnight. Put it all in a mason jar, with the top on and give it a quick shake; then put the mason jar in the refrigerator overnight and your done! The recipe can be changed to include anything you like… use fresh fruit or frozen berries… peanut butter… agave nectar, maple syrup… whatever combo you like and have around… this can be eaten as a breakfast, snack or dessert… Use less liquid if you want thicker oatmeal, more if you like it runny. You can use water or any type of milk — almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk — or even orange juice. I like to use half water and half milk… otherwise it is too rich for my taste for breakfast and is more like a dessert.

You can make enough for a couple of days because it keeps in the fridge for 3-5 days..


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