Eat More Whole Foods using Mason Jars…

This may not be news to all of you… but I keep finding new EZ ways to use mason jars to add more whole foods into my diet. I’m hoping that you might find one or two new ways to use them too? So… make some room in your kitchen, lunchbox and life for a little Mason Jar Magic!

7 great ways to use Mason Jars :

1- Always have healthy fast food… on the run: Use them to pack your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for up to a week in advance…and just grab and go!

2- Keep extra servings of smoothies fresh: If your juicing or making smoothies, make an extra serving and store them in mason jars to keep them fresh for up to 24 hours… So you only have to drag out your blender (or juicer) once every couple of days… no more excuses!

3- Quick weekday dinners…at home: You can store soup, salad, fruit, pasta, overnight oatmeal, parfaits, nuts or snacks in small or large mason jars. Keep them on hand and grab them when you walk in the door at the end of the day instead of frozen dinners, junk food or the bag of chips on the kitchen counter….lol!

4- Save money on weekday lunches: Make your lunches for the week. Carve out some time on Sunday to make 4 or 5 salads in a jar (they will stay fresh for up to 5 days.) Save some bucks and calories by bringing your lunch to work and skipping a few of the usual $10 lunches this week.

5- Make a whole foods care package: Put the ingredients for a healthy meal in a jar and deliver them to friends and loved ones who are not feeling well or to the seniors in your life. A whole foods meal (be sure to include some pasta or rice) will let them know your thinking of them and can help them feel just a little bit better!

6- Eat well when traveling, visiting or partying: Not sure what they will serve at the next barbeque or party? Are you traveling over the weekend? Take a few mason jar meals and never feel like you have to go off your plan when you’re finally having some fun. Reduce your stress and just focus on having a great time!

7- Create a personalized party favor or gift: Cake in a jar, homemade ice cream in a jar, black bean brownies in a jar, or a festive cheesecake desert with fruit in a jar [all] make great gifts or dinner party desserts. Use the 4 oz size (just like in the restaurants) and add fresh fruit to make it colorful, healthy and personalized.   Your friends will want to know how you did it!

Do you have a “Mason Jar Magic” story to share? Leave a comment (or send an email) and tell us how mason jars have helped you stay on track and eat well (even on the run) or let us know if any of these ideas will help you plan for healthier whole foods options this week …


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